February 1, 2012

January Bookworm Bite

Not a bad month for reading!  I read two "clunkers" ( My definition of clunker is 500 or more pages) and they were my two favorite reads of the month....... 11/22/63 by Stephen King and A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin.  It might only be January but it will be hard to knock 11/22/63 from the top of my favorite list for 2012.  Yes, it was just THAT good.  Don't believe me ...READ IT ...you won't be disappointed.  I enjoyed A Game of Thrones more than A Clash of Kings, but the second book in the series still leaves you ready and wanting to pick up the third book.  On a side note, I am currently watching the HBO adaptation of A Game of Thrones and I am impressed by how well cast it is and by how true it stays to the book.  I am looking forward to April 1st and the premier of the second season!

After participating in a Top Ten Tuesday that asked for my favorite childhood reads I decided it was time to reread some of those favorites and perhaps read some I had missed. I read The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz and I was reminded of why I like the movie better.  I also picked up Coraline, a book I have never read, and am anxious to check out the movie adaptation.  A reread of Charlotte's Web is in my February reading plans.

I checked out Ellen DeGeneres' new book.  It made for some light and easy entertainment after those two clunkers.  The trick is to make sure you have Ellen's voice in your head as you read.  I have heard the real audio version is excellent.  I love Larry Bird = I loved When the Game Was Ours.  I read Life of Pi as part of my Mount TBR Challenge and for my book club read.  It wasn't what I expected ....not sure what I expected ....but I cringed in a lot of places ....

My most disappointing read was Bonnie by Iris Johansen.  I have been a fan of her Eve Duncan series for years and the resolution just left me saying "Really? ...Really?  Really?" Blahhhhhhhh

Looking ahead to February ....I am almost done with my first book for The Back to the Classics Challenge.  Then question is ....to read or not to read some more clunkers in February or to take a breather :)

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