February 27, 2012

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I had planned on rereading The Hunger Games before checking out the movie next month.  However, between being sick and getting a new iPhone (my first smart phone ever!) I sort of fell into a reading rut.  I just couldn't get inspired to pick up a book.  So I did what I do when this happens ....I picked up a book that I have already read and loved!! In this case three books since once you read the first one you have to keep on reading.

I am pretty sure just about everyone has read these books by now, but if you haven't read them I can't promise no spoilers!  Nor would I really call this a review, but more of some observations made on my second go round of reading this series.

1. Let's start with Cinna. He is one of my favorite characters and his fate in Catching Fire has always irked me.  It bothered even more this time and I came to the conclusion it's because I now have the image of Lenny Kravitz in my mind as Cinna and man oh man do I love me some Lenny Kravitz.

2. The biggest problem I encounter with reading YA is remembering the characters are usually just that ...young.  There are moments I want to reach into the book and smack Katniss.  I have to remind myself she is just a teenager and well ....teenagers sometimes do need smacking.

3. Something, other than Prim, bothers me about the way the story ends.  Yet I can't quite put a finger on what that is.  Hmmmm, yea I can .....I liked Gale.

4. I loved that my son and I both read this series.  Yes, I convinced my video game obsessed son to read a book.  We will be going to see the movie together.  We can't wait!!!

5. I'm curious as to how Haymitch will be portrayed in the movie.  Let's face it despite some of his redeeming qualities ...he is also a rude drunk.  Will it be toned down for the movie I wonder.

Now it is time to get back to reading the book I couldn't get myself to pick up and read .....hopefully now the odds will be in my favor of completing said task.

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