November 16, 2011

My Initiation Post Myself!!!

Well here is my first post, but as I am my only follower at the moment, I guess it is more of a test post.  I have a lot to learn about blogging and making my blog "look pretty."  Maybe I should ask my twelve year old son for some help. I have money that says he has a video gaming blog that he has failed to mention.

I have been debating a blog for a few months.  Since I have decided to participate in some reading challenges on other blogs, I thought I would be more fun if I could blog my progress.  I am determined to get books off that TBR shelf!  Although, I will probably replace them with new books ....


  1. Hi! Welcome to blogging about books. It can be a bit addictive if you let it.

    I would recommend putting GFC (google friend connect) on the side. It's an easy way for us to follow your blog as your posts will automatically come up in my reader.

    I haven't read either 'Middlesex' or 'Oliver Twist.' 'Middlesex' is buried, somewhere, in my TBR pile.

    Feel free to come over to my blog when you have the opportunity.

    Journey Through Words

  2. Thank you for the advice and done!!! Now headed over to check out your blog!